Talent Agents & Managers Association of Canada

Who we are

Counting 43 member agencies, comprised of more than 181 agents across Canada, representing over 25,000 industry professionals, TAMAC is the catalyst of the Canadian Entertainment Industry, enabling artists from all professions to merge together to create meaningful, provocative and entertaining art in every medium.

Why we need TAMAC

TAMAC is a valued collective voice within the entertainment industry. TAMAC addresses concerns in many areas, including unions (ie: ACTRA/EQUITY/UBCP/WGC/UDA/DGC/CMPA) and their various Agreements.

TAMAC also addresses industry issues involving government policies and legislation as well as cultural and funding agencies.

TAMAC fosters and encourages positive and constructive understanding of and attitudes towards our industry, in the best interest of both our professionals and the public.

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